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Grace Bridges - Science Fiction Author

Grace was born in New Zealand and grew up there in a homeschooling family. Although this caused many discussions among friends and relatives of her parents back then, she now claims that this education was the basis for the love of books that later led her to writing. She trained as a translator at Auckland University, participated five times in the Elkanah School of Music Ministry, lived at Orama Christian Community for three months, and helped lead a youth group at Glenfield Presbyterian Church for two years. After that, Grace attained Irish citizenship and used her European rights to settle in Regensburg, southern Germany, where she eventually found work translating for a government department. But that was only after she lugged crates in a fruit shop, got stranded in Timbuctu, and washed dishes in a cafe. In that order.

An unexpected turn of events meant that Grace suddenly had a lot of free time. Deciding to try her hand at "real writing", she went back to a novel idea originally hit upon in 1993. "Sometimes the old ideas are the best ideas," she laughs. On several internet forums, she made the discovery that publishing a book is not an unattainable goal. Now she has made this goal her own. "And Faith Awakened won't be the last book!"
Grace still lives in an 800 year old house near the Danube River in Regensburg, with her flatmate Ruth and cats Sissi and Julio. However, she admits she probably won't live there forever. "One day I'll fly away again, and who knows where I'll end up?"

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